Meg Minus Makeup

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Well, we’re all getting older.  Sometimes I look in the mirror, and it doesn’t compute.  Who in the hell is that old woman staring back at me?  I bet Meg Ryan thought the same thing when/if she ever saw the picture on the right.  I feel her pain.  

I ran a few errands during my lunch hour.  As I stood in the checkout line, I saw that horrible picture of Meg on a magazine cover.  Sheesh…thank God no one puts my non-makeup pictures anywhere for the entire world to study.  At least I have that one small thing to be thankful for.  

There were other makeup-less celebrities on the cover, too.  Kirstie Ally, but everyone knows she’s a train wreck.  J Lo, who in my opinion looked good, healthy, and natural without makeup.  But Meg?  Well, that one almost broke my heart.  I’ve always loved Meg Ryan.  She and I are close the same age.  Now look at us!  Oh, Meg….what has happened to us???  

It has been a long, exhausting week.  There has barely been time to catch my breath.  I worked last weekend, and headed to a conference in Springfield on Monday.  I was happily greeted when I returned home.  In fact, everyone was so happy to see me that I had to make dinner for 8 people that evening.  🙂  Actually, that was OK.  I was happy to have the house and table full, but I’m wearing out now. 

Luke is home from Marquette for the summer.  T drove up to Milwaukee yesterday, bringing back our son and piles of laundry.  Last night there were 10 of us for dinner.  Thankfully, it was a lovely evening, and T and I took our plates of food out to the patio. 

After everyone headed off in different directions, T and I cleaned up the kitchen and retired with drinks in hand to the patio once again.  Before long, Emily had joined us.  Then Lola had something “important” that brought her outside from her bed.  Just as the girls wandered back inside, Luke and Shannon returned from their walk.  They sat talking with us for a while, then headed in to watch a movie.  As we sat there “relaxing” for almost an hour, we were able to be alone for approximately five minutes. 

Thank God It’s Friday.  Just in time for the grade school carnival tonight….