A New Day….And I Needed One!


I’m not going to write another emotional, complaining blog tonight.  Sometimes, it is so easy to get caught up in everything that is wrong.  It’s easy to lose sight of the good, especially when some periods of your life are leaning so far onto the other side of the line.  Today I listened to myself and actively (or mentally) kicked a few things to the curb.  There is only so much of this world that I have any control over.  My own responses and my own actions, though, that is where I DO have some control.  I can feel the weight of all that is wrong and let it press me down, or I can rear up roaring like a lion and fight back.  Well, maybe not a lion, but today I stopped being the martyr in my own life for a little while.

While I was at work, I picked up the phone and made a few calls to the other members of the household and asked for a few things to be done by the time I got home from work.  Didn’t want to?  Well, that’s OK.  You can stay home tonight and do it.  So…it was lovely to come home from work to a mowed lawn, Emily grilling chicken with pecan rub, and all of the laundry put away, actually put away, in dressers!

While dinner was cooking, I enjoyed a Special Pepsi on the patio.  The warm breeze was lovely.  The dinner was great, too.  The kids were loving and pleasant.  Ah….I needed a day like this.  After dinner, I had a wonderful messy, sweaty time pulling weeds in the garden.

Selfish, selfish night.  I didn’t think about one damn thing besides what I, yes ME, wanted to do!  It  has been a long time since I took just a few hours for myself and said, “To HELL with all the rest of the world.  These few hours belong to ME.”

Here is a little part of MY world:

This is my little fenced in garden.  Over the years, it has taken on a life of its own.  I once grew flowers for drying in this garden, but the Brown-Eyed Susan have taken over.  That’s fine by me!  I fill vase after vase until the first hard frost.


And here we are inside the fenced garden.  The Monarda is just beginning to bloom.  In the foreground, you can see the Globe Thistle.  I still dry that each year (oh, except for the past two years…)  It is the most beautiful periwinkle blue when it is in full bloom.

Here are a few of my little gnome guys!  I LOVE gnomes.  The poor big guy looks like he bumped his nose!  The gnome pots are on the front patio.

I call this guy “Granddaddy Hosta.”  This is the first hosta I ever bought.  It was probably about 20 years ago now, and I’ve moved it about five times.  He’s pretty happy in this spot.  I wish this picture could do him justice.  He is HUGE.

4 thoughts on “A New Day….And I Needed One!

  1. You definitely need to delegate like that more often!!

    And your garden looks positively lovely. Gnomes are awesome. :):):)

  2. Good for you!! I’m proud of the way you stood strong for yourself yesterday. Your garden is lovely – mine at my ex-house was some summers as well. Maybe it will be so at the Bungalow someday. And guess what? I too love gnomes! I have been on a quest for the perfect gnome for years. So far, no luck, but he’ll show up someday. Sounds suspiciously like the quest for the perfect mate – but probably easier to find. Still under the weather here…

    • Oh….I’m sorry to hear that you’re still not feeling well. Maybe you can go bask in the sunlight like a cat this afternoon.

      Wonder what it is about gnomes? They always make me smile. Although I am NOT a lawn ornament person, a gnome gets me every time!

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