Random Bits of Life

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Looking back at my most recent blog entries, it’s easy to see that I have been backtracking.  Part of the purpose of creating this “new” blog, was to refocus.  I haven’t stayed true to my goal.  I have been wallowing in the crap of life way too much.  Sure, there are plenty of reasons to wallow, but I don’t need to give into them.  Tonight I want to write about a few of the good things that have happened in the past week or so.


Our New Canoe

Canoe.  T bought me a canoe.  Yeah, I know that’s a strange gift, but he knew that I really wanted this canoe.  One of his customers was an elderly man with a beautiful canoe that he no longer used.  T came home and told me all about the canoe.  Of course, I am the impulsive one.  I would have bought it on the spot, but T had to mull it over.  I asked about it a couple of times, but he told me that he hadn’t been able to get back in touch with the old man.  Then one day, he brought the canoe home.  I was so excited that I made him put it on top of his little car just to see if it would fit.  Then we put it in the yard, got in, and pretended to paddle around the yard.  Last Sunday, we took the canoe out on her maiden voyage.  I loved it!  Lola was the only kid who would agree to come along.   She didn’t really enjoy it, but that’s OK.  We won’t have to take her along next time, which means we can float quietly and peacefully along for an entire afternoon.

Power Walks.  T and I have started walking VERY fast every night after dinner.  We follow the village’s 5K route around the edge of our town.  It leads us along soybean and  cornfields, up and down hills, and winding through town.  Usually one, two, or more, kids want to come along any time one of us takes a walk.  If we try to take a walk together, for some reason, that is even more appealing to them.  Instead of a leisurely walk, it often ends up looking like a game of  follow the leader.  We’re too wide to fit on the sidewalk, so we end up single and double-file walking along the side of the road.  The Power Walks have been a good deterrent.  We walk fast, and we walk far.  One by one, we have burned them all out.  No one even wants to go on the Power Walks with us.  🙂

Kids Who Drive and Are Legal.  Last night, the Power Walk almost killed us.  It was so hot.  At one point, I told T that it felt like we were swimming inside of a uterus.  The air felt hot and liquid.  Sweat ran down our arms and legs.  My hair was wet.  As we neared the halfway point, I didn’t know if I could make it all the way back home.  Thankfully, the halfway point is my parents’ vacant house, and we had a key.  I sent Andrew a text as we neared the house.  “Please bring beer.  Help.  We’re so hot!”  That cold beer with T and our son may have been the best beer I have ever tasted.

My Mother is So Bad…It’s Funny.  Yesterday afternoon, I took a couple of hours away from work to drive my mother to a doctor’s appointment.  I drove miles to take her less than a block from her doorstep.  She called me while I was in Chicago and asked me to take her to this appointment.  She said that this was a very important appointment, and I needed to be there to hear what the doctor had to say.  Of course, I made arrangements to be there for her.  She was waiting inside the door of her building with her walker, purse, and oxygen.  She stood there glaring at me from the door while I opened the passenger side door and made my way toward her to help her to my car.  She stood staring at me while I opened first the front entry door and then pressed the security code for the inner door.  She could have released the handle, but stood by watching as I entered the code.  Once I was inside, she looked at me and said, “I hope you’re wearing pants under there.”  Pants, I had no idea what she meant.  I said, “Pants,” questioningly.  “Yes,” she said, “I have been watching you and trying to figure out if that’s a dress you’re wearing or just some kind of long shirt.  You didn’t wear that to work, did you?”  Got to love my mother!  It was 98 degrees, and I had on a dress (a gray one, not flashy, I might add!) that was about two inches above my knee.  While I thought that I looked appropriately business-like, my mother indicated that I looked like a slut.  Oh, boy.  I’m not sure why, but it made me feel kind of good.  I guess for a worn out old gal, I still must have a little bit of sex appeal left.  Oh, and the doctor appointment?  It lasted about one minute.

Being Right.  Today I was right about something.  It was no small issue, and one that I have steadfastly researched at work.  There was a legal issue that a co-worker and I disagreed on.  He said that an ordinance was going to require weeks and weeks of research and legal descriptions, and I didn’t agree.  While it is a rather complicated ordinance, I didn’t believe the state requirements demanded that it be nearly as complicated as this person insisted.  Turns out, that he had proposed a similar ordinance several years before my time, and no one disputed him back then.  It had taken him months to gather the information he believed was required.  Well, buddy, I wasn’t there back then!  For the past week or so, I have been making phone calls and doing research to get an definitive answer.  Today I finally got the call, and the answer, I had been waiting for.  I was right!  “Good Lord no!  That’s not a requirement.  That would be a misuse of money and staff time.”  Ah….it felt so darn good to be right for a change!

So, I am muddling along.  I’m taking little bits of peace and happiness where I can find them.  Tomorrow Andrew is traveling alone back to Chicago for a second interview for school.  Tonight at dinner, Luke announced that he will be staying in Milwaukee next summer.  The girls were both registered for school tonight.  This will be Emily’s senior year.  Things are changing very quickly.  These next few weeks may be the last weeks that we all spend as a family living under the same roof.  That’s hard to imagine.  Is it possible that there may merely be a number of days left that the six of us will all call this place home?  Yes, I know.  We will have holidays, but that isn’t the same.  These summer days and nights are not holidays.  They are real life, just ordinary days.  How many more ordinary days will we share as a family?