I love you, man  (or woman!)

This morning, as I do every morning, I rolled over and reached for my phone as soon as I woke up.  Emails, work emails, text messages, and Facebook updates.  I look at them all before I even climb out of bed.  I like to know what I will be facing each day before my feet even hit the floor.  Usually there is nothing significant.  Sometimes though, if I’m lucky, there might be something waiting there to make me smile.  What I hope for most is that there isn’t anything there to indicate a problem at work before I even make it to the office.

This morning, I was lucky. There were no work-related issues, and there was a smile waiting for me.  I don’t really receive a lot of texts, so I was surprised to see that I had one waiting.  It was from an old high school friend.  A year or so ago, we reconnected through Facebook.  Even though we only live a few miles apart, we had lost track of each other’s lives.  I have enjoyed getting to know this old friend again, and we have reached out to other former classmates.  From time to time, a group of us will meet for dinner at a local tavern.  We’ve all gotten busy this summer, and it has been weeks since we have made time for a night out.

Below is the text she sent me.   It’s just one of those corny texts that get circulated by large groups of people.  I normally don’t even bother to read them, but today I did, and they were words that I needed to hear.  Sometimes we need to be reminded that we DO MATTER to someone.  We need to hear (or see) the words.

A woman can deal with stress and carry heavy burdens.  She smiles when she feels like screaming, and she sings when she feels like crying.  She cries when she’s happy and laughs when she’s afraid.  Her love is unconditional.  There’s only one thing wrong with her.  She forgets what she’s worth!  Pass this to every beautiful woman you know.  Remind her that she’s unique.  I love you, girl!  In twenty five minutes, something will make you super happy, but you have to tell ten crazy girlfriends you love them, including me.  I LOVE YOU!!!  Today is ‘love u day.’   Send this to everyone you love whether its real love or friend love.  You are spoiled if you get 5 back.  *Live Love Laugh*  ~Peace n Love~


I passed this along to 10 people.  I chose those I love, those I value, and those who need to see their own value a little more clearly.  No, nothing made me super happy twenty five minutes later, but that’s OK.  I haven’t been “super happy” in a very long time.  I did get something of value by receiving this text from my friend.  It felt good to be remembered.  It felt good to smile.  I was reminded that I don’t value myself nearly enough, and I needed that reminder.  Most of all, though, it felt good to pass this along to the people in my life who I value and love.

Now, I want to pass it on to you!  Thank you and “I love you” to those of you who have held my hand along the way and walked this journey by my side.

4 thoughts on “I LOVE YOU!!!

  1. Thank you for this uplifting post 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your life and recognising the good and the beautiful all around you

  2. Pam,
    It is wonderful that you shared this text with ten others. Hopefully they enjoyed it as much as you did. I think the concept of “super happy” should be thrown out on the trash heap with other illusionary concepts like “soul mate.” Real life is boring and mundane. It is anxiety and worry, frustration and disappointment, small and big losses, regrets and remorse. But it is also receiving this “I Love You” text, T surprising you with the canoe, and relaxing in the Louisiana warmth licking your fingers eating the deep fried clam claws.

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