Ah, what a good day.  How can anyone be depressed with this beautiful Indian Summer weather?  My drive to work was breathtaking.  The fields look like watercolor paintings, all warm and golden.  The earth seems to ripple and shimmer with the bounty of the harvest.  Tractors are out early, and I love watching the grain spewing into the waiting wagon while the air fills with a fog made of silage.

This morning, I enjoyed my music as I was driving along.  Each month this year, I have created a new playlist on my iPod.  This month, I couldn’t decide what type of music I wanted to save in my list.  I’m tired of the depressing lists of previous months.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted rock, or jazz, or country, or bluegrass, or maybe even opera, so I decided to scrap the whole list thing this month.  October is SHUFFLE MONTH, and I have really been enjoying it.  I got rid of every David Gray song on my iPod, and any other “triggers of sadness.”  I have enjoyed the random selections so much.  It has felt like being reacquainted with long-lost friends.

A song by Phish came on this morning while I was driving, “Gin and Juice.”  I smiled and started singing along.  My smile grew even wider when I realized that I was singing this silly song, but I was thinking of something else entirely.  I was thinking about the funding sources for some of our Neighborhood Stabilization Programs.  Ah…for a few moments I was back to being me again, and that felt so good and right.

This afternoon, I got to put on a hard hat and tour a couple of projects that I have been involved with for almost four years.  One of them is a wonderful new, infill project, and the other is a renovation of a brownstone built in 1847.  I loved the dust and the excitement of the work site.  I loved seeing these buildings progress from plans on a piece of paper to actual bricks and mortar.  I loved hearing that the completion dates are only months away now.  I am so excited to see these building filled with people, homes, and businesses.  I love looking across the skyline and seeing these changes and knowing the positive impact they will have on our community.

Today I remembered again, at least briefly, who I am and what this is all about.  I needed today.  I needed the beautiful fields, the silly music, and I needed to put on a hard hat.