That Guy Can Wield An Ax!

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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith was a really good read.  It’s not the type of book I would normally choose, but it was quick to draw me in and keep me there.  I hadn’t even realized that it was a book until my son Luke asked me to order it for him. We had seen the trailer for the movie months ago, and knew that this was one movie we wouldn’t be missing.  History, vampires, Abraham Lincoln….oh, yeah!  Every time we saw the trailer, we’d burst out laughing.  I ordered the book for Luke, and downloaded it to my iPad for myself.  It’s always fun to read a book along with someone, and we were both impressed by the historical accuracy of the book.  Amazingly, the whole concept of vampire hunting was very believable.  Eliminating the vampires’ perpetuation of  slave trade seemed like a reasonable and  logical cause of the Civil War.

T and I went to see the movie tonight with Luke and Shannon.  We saw it in 3D, which was pretty awesome and was my very first 3D movie.  In fact, this was the first movie T and I have seen in a theater in literally decades.  T had never been in the “new” theater, which has been there since 2005.  (I researched this when we got home!)  I was there one time a couple of years ago with Emily and Shannon to see a chick flick.  T was most impressed with the large, comfortable seats and the cup holders in the armrests.  🙂

From the moment we put on our black 3D glasses, I was having a good time.  I couldn’t stop giggling as I looked down the row at everyone wearing glasses.  I wanted so much to take a picture, but they stopped me from embarrassing all of them. The popcorn was fantastic as always, and the Raisinettes were divine.  It was an expensive night, though!  I was stunned by the price of tickets and treats, and I realized why we had gotten out of the habit of going to movies years ago.  Still, tonight was wonderful.  I couldn’t have been happier, because I was spending time with my son.  Those moments are rare and precious.  I didn’t care a bit if the movie was good or if it turned out to be terrible.

The movie wasn’t good.  Luke and I kept whispering, comparing it to the book.  There was little resemblance to the book.  The movie took things over the top, left out big chunks, and added scenes that allowed them to focus more attention on special effects.  It was disappointing that the film didn’t follow the same path of such a decent book.  Having said that, I did thoroughly enjoy watching an amazing Abe Lincoln kick some vampire ass.

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