Hot Dog!

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I didn’t sleep well last night, and that made waking up to another Monday morning less pleasant than usual.  I didn’t feel like getting ready for work.  I didn’t feel like going to work.  No doubt about it, I am burned out.  Where I once looked forward to my job, it has now become “work.”

I went about my routine robotically, thinking all the while of what I needed to get accomplished at the office today.  Thankfully, this will be a two-day week for me as I’ve tagged on a couple of vacation days to the midweek holiday.  On the other hand, that also means that I will try to accomplish five days of work in two days.  I was feeling grouchy, unexcited, and depressed.  Plugging away, and plugging away, and wondering where the reward is in any of this.

I opened up the sunroof and cranked up the music as I drove along this morning.  I had a running dialog going with myself.  “Learn to be OK with yourself.  Learn to like yourself”  OK, what in the hell does is any of that supposed to mean?  Seriously, I was finding it pretty hard to like the depressed, grouchy woman I was stuck with this morning.

Then I saw it.  Hot Dog! There was the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile driving down the interstate.  I was excited as a little child, and I suddenly had a big grin on my face.  So many happy memories came flashing back.  I remembered the Oscar Mayer Hot Dog song that my friends and I would sing at the top of our lungs.  I remembered a little Oscar Mayer Hot Dog whistle I had as a little girl.  Such funny, happy memories!

I’ll admit it.  It may not be cool or gourmet to love Oscar Mayer hot dogs, but in my opinion, they can’t be beat.  I’ve tried the Chicago style dogs.  I’ve tried the gourmet brands.  All I can say is, “Yuck!”  Oscar Mayer hot dogs are tops with me!

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