I Am In Love!


Caribou is here! From the first moment we met, there was no doubt. He was meant to be a part of our lives.

The girls and I were nervous the entire day. I think we were all afraid that something would go wrong. Maybe the breeder would call and say that we needed to wait a couple days more. Or what if, God forbid, we didn’t like him? What if he wasn’t sweet? What if he was yippy, or too shy? Or what if “something” just didn’t feel right? The girls and I were quiet all morning (very unusual!) Each of us were keeping our thoughts to ourselves, but worrying in our own ways.

T decided to take the afternoon off work and drive with us to pick up the puppy. The fact that he was now coming along, and the fact that he definitely did NOT want a puppy, made us all the more anxious. Days of intense heat were wearing on all of us, too.

We stood waiting to meet our puppy in the breeder’s kitchen. Suddenly, he was THERE. Our puppy, our Boo, was right there, wiggling and smiling, sweet and adorable. He was so much more than I had imagined. His personality was shining through in the first instant, and I was in love. We were all hooked. Even T was smiling at this wiggly little ball of fur.

The past 24 hours have been busy, but so happy. Boo is a sweetheart. He is loving, happy, and playful. He walks like a chubby little bear cub and doesn’t even need a leash. He’s never more than a few feet from one of his people for a moment, constantly circling back to sniff and kiss our toes. He loves his blanket, his toy elephant, and his tiny toy puppy, and he proudly carries them around with him.

This afternoon, T laid on the living room floor while Boo jumped and growled all over him. I laughed, yes….real laughter…right out loud. I remembered years ago our first dog, Abraham, and the hours we spent down on the floor playing together with our buddy. I’m so happy that we have taken this chance again to welcome a new buddy into our lives.

2 thoughts on “I Am In Love!

  1. Congratulations! What an exciting time in your lives.
    You might enjoy the book – ‘A Dogs Purpose’ by Cameron. Its fun for dog lovers.

    • Thanks, Mermaid. I’ll definitely check out that book. I’m soooooo in love with him already. Going back to work today was horrible. I actually called home twice to ask Emily how our little puppycakes was doing!

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