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Do I have a sleep disorder?  Well, I do have fairly odd sleep patterns, but I’m not sure if I would classify them as a disorder.  I would think that if something is a disorder then the condition would bother me or those who live with me.  I’m not bothered at all, and those around me just roll their eyes.  They’re used to it.  They accept me for who I am, odd habits and all.

Most nights I do end up in bed….eventually.  I often fall asleep on the couch or on top of the bed covers.  At some point, often 2 or 3 a.m., I will wake up, take a bath, and eventually head back to bed for a couple hours of more comfortable sleep.  T has tried many times to wake me up at a reasonable time to go to bed with him, but you see, once I am out (on the couch or wherever) it is almost impossible to wake me up.  I crash into a deep, deep sleep.  It’s actually some of the best sleep you can imagine to just let your body fall into repose wherever it lands each night.

Recently, T has begun to adopt my strange sleep patterns.  We often wake up in the middle of the night in random places around the house together.  The lights and TV are all on.  The cat and dog are cuddled up with us.  It’s pack-like in the truest sense of the word, and it is so comforting and peaceful.  We’ll get up and straighten up the kitchen, start the dishwasher, and let the dog outside.  T will head to his bathroom for a shower, and I’ll head upstairs for a bath.  Mind you, this happens with frequency in our home in the middle of the night.

On the weekends, especially this summer, it’s not uncommon for us to brew a 3 a.m. pot of coffee and sit out on the patio to chat for a little while before resuming our bedtime routine.  It’s incredibly peaceful, and reminds us of the years when we were up at all hours with our newborn babies.  We loved that quiet middle of the night time back then, too.  We enjoy it no less now, just the two of us.a

Last night was no different.  I was exhausted when I finally came home from work around 10:00.  This week has been challenging.  I’ve had evening meetings and long busy days.  Last night was the 9th Thursday in a row that I have hosted a downtown concert event.  While it was enjoyable, I was beat by the time I finally made it home.  I sat down on the bed “for just a moment” before getting ready for bed.  I always have good intentions!  I mean to get to bed at a decent time, but somehow that just never happens.

When I woke up it was almost 4 a.m.  The cat was snuggled up in the small of my back.  T was downstairs asleep on the couch with the puppy on his chest.  I gently lifted up the dog, and took him outside.  It was a beautiful, star-filled, cool night.  Boo and I took a peaceful walk.  When we returned, I was wide awake, but knew that I needed a little more sleep or I would have trouble getting through the impending work day.

I brushed my teeth and got into something more comfortable.  I grabbed my laptop and checked out Facebook for a few minutes.  A guy from my former band had made a comment on my status, and I replied.  He immediately replied back to me.  “What are you doing awake?  Watching the Olympics?”  I told him that I was awake, but heading back to bed.  Now…this man is perhaps the craziest person I have ever known in my life.  Seriously.  He’s nice, kind, and a great musician…when he’s on his meds.  Back in the ’70’s, he was in France playing the jazz clubs, he had to come home, because he climbed up on a roof thinking that he could fly away from his girlfriend who was the daughter of Satan.  I sat there laughing and realized that the only person out there to communicate with at 4 a.m. was one of the craziest men I have ever known.  Oh, my…  I better be careful!

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