Love is a Verb

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I’m not having the best day.  Too many meetings, and another concert tonight.  Thank goodness, this is the last one of the season.  It rained this morning, just enough to make this a bad hair day, but it is still too little, too late to make a difference in the crops this year.

My first meeting was outside of my office.  We had rescheduled this meeting to accommodate one person…who ended up not even showing up.  (I’m sure there will be an “Oh, I forgot email” later on this afternoon.)  I got drenched going to and coming from said meeting.  An hour later, I was soaked again going to another meeting.  By this time, I was feeling ugly, sticky, and gross.

A consultant we had hired is now over three weeks late in getting a report to me.  At this point, I don’t even want or need to see his findings.  I needed them a week ago when we prepared information for council.  I have sent email reminders and made phone calls.  Yesterday I called again, and he used the ever-handy excuse of blaming technology.  My goodness!  He had sent that to me over a week ago!  Hadn’t I received it?  (uh, no….or I wouldn’t be calling you again.)  Strange thing was, if he had sent it to me previously, you wouldn’t have thought it would take him over 24 hours to click resend.  I finally have the report now, and it sucks.  Lola could have written a more comprehensive report.

I am crabby.  The source of my crabbiness is the fact that I am so damn tired of being let down.  I’m tired of listening to excuses from people.  I am tired of watching people blame everything and everyone around them, yet refusing to take ownership for their actions, or inaction, or for their mistakes.

Early this morning, my daughter Emily called me.  She trying to complete registration for one final class for the upcoming semester.  She had taken a test in order to be allowed into the class, yet when she went online to register, she was booted out of the registration module.  She had been on hold with her college for almost an hour.  When someone finally took the call, she was transferred to a different department where she was placed on hold yet again.  She explained to me that she had given up and was on her way to the school to speak to someone face to face.  She wondered if I wanted her to wait around for a little while, and we could meet for lunch.  (God, I love my daughter!)  As it turns out, the school had “forgotten” to record her test scores.

As I left my office, I quickly jotted out a Facebook status.  “In a crappy mood. So glad to be meeting my daughter for lunch.”  Within seconds, my phone rang.  It was T asking me if I was OK.  I felt bad then.  I need to stop using Facebook to vent.  But damn….it feels so good sometimes!  I assured him that I was fine and asked him to join Emily and I.  He laughed and said, “No thanks.  I get enough of the two of you together at home.”  🙂  As Em and I enjoyed our lunch, Andrew called me.  “Mom, why are you in a crappy mood?”

I hadn’t meant to worry my family.  I was just frustrated and venting.  (And I have to wonder why practically every member of my family was notified of my status update!)  More importantly, I feel humbled by their reactions.  They stopped and took a moment to touch base with me, the well-known crazy member of the family.  I’m just teasing, but it did mean a lot to me.  Yes, love is a verb.  Love is not an idea.  Love is not words.  Love isn’t just a concept.  Love is an action word.

“Love is a verb.  It ain’t a thing.”

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