In the Shadow of Giants

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Today I was able to cross something off of my Bucket List.  I stopped to touch a windmill.  Wind farms have sprung up all around our home, and their beauty fascinates me.  These giant and graceful windmills are archaic,  surreal, and post-apocalyptic all at the same time.  They bring to mind Don Quixote and Snake Plissken.

Lola became a little obsessed about exactly what was on my bucket list, and she couldn’t grasp that what I referred to as my Bucket List is simply a concept and not a written document.  I have promised her that I will begin to write down these important Bucket List items and share it with her very soon.

Tomorrow is not going to be an easy day.  The past weeks have been exhausting.  But today…today was a good day.  I left my cares behind, shut the door to my worries, and spent the day nourishing my spirit.  I wandered the countryside that I love as the sun warmed the top of my head.  I took deep breaths of the country air and let the beauty that surrounded me seep once again deep into my soul and fill my heart like a long-forgotten friend.


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