Pelicans and Pumpkins

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My laptop has crashed on me, and the only computer available to me at this time is the family computer.  I could use my iPad, but I can’t quite get the flow of typing anything of any length on a virtual keyboard.  Call me old-school. So for the time being, I am relegated to using the computer in the room off the kitchen.  There are a lot of crumbs in the keyboard, and I’ve had several pop-ups advertising Sponge Bob related websites.  Lola is standing in the doorway watching me type and asking repeatedly what I’m doing.  T is in the kitchen a few steps away talking with Shannon’s dad.  They are looking through my great-grandpa’s coin collection, and discussing them LOUDLY.  The TV in the nearby living room is blasting, and Pepper the Wondercat is sitting my lap.  This low-level of chaos is making it difficult to organize my thoughts, but I wanted to write for a few moments.

Emily has declared October to be “Festival Month.”  She is organizing a family trip each weekend in October.  Today we went to a rather bizarre pioneer festival.  In the 1950’s some family recreated a miniature pioneer village on their property.  While the original owners are long gone, their legacy lives on.  Today there was a harvest festival celebration complete with costumed characters.  It was odd to say the least to sit in a teepee with a balding, glasses-wearing white man pretending to be an indian.  There was even a fire ring in the center to the teepee, but unfortunately, this “indian” farmer didn’t know much about ventilation as we were all suffering from smoke inhalation by the time he released us from his storytelling.  The pioneer woman in the log cabin was talking on her cell phone.  By the end of the tour, T and I were laughing hysterically.  Lola loved it though, especially laughing as she watched her sister and I cling to each other as we crossed the swing bridge.

After leaving the pioneer festival, we hit the back roads in search of bittersweet.  It was a beautiful day to wind through the country roads, and my car (and it’s occupants) is covered with a layer of dust from the gravel roads.  My trunk is full of bittersweet vine, and we met a friendly black dog who hung out with us while we climbed around in the woods.

As always, when we are near the river, we took a moment to admire the beauty.  The river was calm and peaceful today, and we saw a large number of pelicans enjoying a remaining afternoon of late season warmth.

As we wound our way back home, we stuck to the gravel roads.  There is always so much more to see!  The colors of the fields and hillsides were beautiful.  The land just rolls and rolls gently away from the river.  As we rounded a corner, out in the middle of nowhere, a field of orange sprarkled ahead of us.  Pumpkins!  This wasn’t a farmer’s market field.  This was acres and acres of pumpkins being grown commercially, and it was beautiful.  It made my day that we happened upon the beauty of the pumkin field.  It was like a gift – the gift of bounty and abundance at the end of the harvest, a harvest festival.

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