Golden Yellow Cords

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On Friday I took a vacation day, because Lola had no school due to parent teacher conferences.  T and I met with her fourth grade teacher the previous evening, so Friday was a relaxing day of sleeping in and hanging out.  I’ll take a moment here to be a proud, doting mother.  Lola received an A+ in every subject, and I am so proud of her!  She is an amazing girl. I am especially proud, because she refuses any help or parental checking of her homework.  She earned those grades, and she’s very proud of her achievement. I am, too!

Emily had classes until 1:00 pm, then and Lola and I planned to meet her at the mall for shopping and lunch.  I wore golden-yellow super straight leg, ultra-comfy corduroy pants, my Minnetonkas, and a fluffy gray sweater.  When I came downstairs to head out, Lola said, “Yellow pants, huh?”  When I asked her if she didn’t like them she said, “They’re not something I would wear, Mom, but they’re fine for you.”  I laughed, not sure at all what that was supposed to mean.

Lola and I met Emily inside of a large department store.  Her eyes grew wide when she saw me.  From about twenty feet away, she loudly said, “You’re wearing yellow pants!”  Everyone within earshot turned to look at me…and my yellow pants.  My face burned.  Emily assured me that I looked great, although she added that she wouldn’t wear them.  Hmmm…  I wondered what she meant by that. As always, I enjoyed my time with my girls. We had a great, giggly lunch.

Luke has been home for the past few days, and he’s been working with T to earn a little extra money to take back to school.  It’s been great to see him again after several months.  He and T really love spending the day working together. When they came home, I went to greet them at the back door.  I smiled to see them walking across the drive deep in conversation.  When they walked in, their conversation stopped as they stared at me.  T said, “Huh…yellow pants.  Uh, they look nice, hon.”   Hmmm…

Luke didn’t say anything about the yellow pants, but he said that he remembered one time when Shannon wore bright blue pants similar to what I had on. Then he said, “What’s up with that?  At least she hasn’t worn them again.”

Later that evening when I walked past where T sat on the computer, he gasped.  He said, “Your pants shocked me again.  I thought you were walking around naked!.”  Hmmm….

As much as I liked the yellow pants, and as comfy as they were to wear, I know that their debut last Friday was also their Swan Song.  Later today, I think I’ll go on Pinterest and see if I can find something clever to make out of a pair of old pants.  I can probably turn them into something cute for Boo the puppy.

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