A Time To Relax

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I hadn’t realized how lonely I have been these past four months.  Work, Parenting, Work, Parenting….that was the extent of my life.  Oh, you could throw in a little housework and a lot of laundry, too.  It’s nice to have some down time and companionship now that T is living with us.

My organization is hosting an event on Thursday night that draws about 30,000 people downtown.  Putting out fires, talking to band managers, the event coordinator, and dealing with my staff of drama queens for the past few weeks has been exhausting.  I am about ready to enter meltdown stage.  Having T here to help lighten my load has been wonderful.  He’s still unemployed, and so he’s been driving in to meet me for lunch each day.  Yesterday he listened to me talk about my morning, and he said, “Please let me know if you need me to do anything.  Whatever you need, I’m here.”  I almost had tears in my eyes, because I knew that he meant those words.  If I need something, he’s here.  I’m no longer alone.  Hopefully, I won’t need T’s help, but that’s not the point.  He offered, and I knew he would be true to his word.

Last night, we shared a relaxing moment (and a beer!) together on the patio before having dinner as a family.  I had missed that, too!  The girls moaned and groaned about having to sit down and eat dinner at the table instead of standing up at the island or sitting in front of the TV.  Their complaints were feeble, though.  They were all smiles and conversation during dinner.  Team TEAM was back together.  Four months, and we hadn’t missed a beat.

With the laundry done, the house clean, and dinner out of the way, I spent the first evening in months relaxing.  It was amazing!  T and I decided to catch up on “Breaking Bad,” so we got ourselves comfortable and stretched out across the bed for a TV marathon.  Neither of us have had time to watch Season 5, and we had both been looking forward to the season of new episodes.  Our sons watch the show, too, but we’ve sworn them to silence until we had the chance to catch up.  T and I made popcorn and watched three episodes at one sitting last night.  I would have loved to watch even more, but knew I’d pay for it when the alarm rang this morning.

“Breaking Bad” has been running through my mind all day.  I can’t wait to watch even more tonight.  I think I have a little bit of a crush on every male character in that show!  Walter White.  How could you NOT love a nerdy, sickly high school chemistry teacher who turns into a complete bass ass?  Hank Schrader is lovable in a white knight kind of way, even though you know that he’s always going to lose.  Jesse Pinkman is adorable.  He’s the stereotypical bad boy with the soft, vulnerability that frustrates him and that he tries unsuccessfully to hide.  My biggest “Breaking Bad” crush is over Saul Goodman.  While he’s not attractive in traditional sense, he is the one character I’d like to meet if he were a real-life person.  He intrigues me, and he makes me laugh.  I’d love to just follow him around for a couple of fun-filled days!


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