Down For The Count



It’s only Wednesday, and I’m down for the count.  After two twelve-hour days, a couple of restless nights with little sleep, and another six inches of snow, I woke up this morning not feeling too hot.  I plodded through my morning routine.  My schedule is so packed this week, I didn’t feel like I had any option but to head to the office, no matter how I was feeling.

Everything about the morning seemed strange.  My head felt jumbled from not feeling well.  There were large flocks of geese honking above the neighborhood and circling like vultures.  I wondered if they felt lost to see the ground covered in white again.  Had they lost their ponds that had just recently begun to thaw under the new blanket of snow?

The traffic, which is always a challenge, was made worse today by the fact that sideways falling snow had coated the traffic signals.  I almost ploughed through a red light at a busy intersection.  I stopped just moments before causing a catastrophe when I realized that even though I didn’t see a red light, I also didn’t see green.  The signals, street signs, everything, was coated in snow.  It looked like snow had been sprayed on by some giant machine used on a movie set to create the illusion of winter.  It was surreal.

The parking deck by my office was packed.  I drove around several times before settling on a spot up the rooftop level.  I grabbed my coffee and my bag and opened my car door.  As soon as my foot hit the pavement, it slid out from under me.  I literally fell out of my car to the ground.  It wasn’t the greatest start to my workday.  I hauled myself back up from the pavement and assessed the damage.  I wasn’t injured, other than my pride.  My clothes were a bit wet, but still clean.  I decided to look for a different parking spot in a covered area of the deck rather than walk across ice to the stairs.  I drove around for another five minutes stalking people as they walked to their cars.

I kept waiting to feel better.  I thought coffee would help, or maybe a cookie.  I thought if I got busy and pushed myself, I would begin to feel better.  Yet I just kept dragging, feeling achy and exhausted.  I had to admit it.  I am sick.  Bleh.

I had an important lunch scheduled today that I didn’t feel I should cancel.  I forced myself to smile and shove a reasonable amount of food into my mouth as my stomach rolled.  All I wanted to do was lay my head down on the table.  I wanted a hug and a blanket.  I didn’t feel like entertaining prospective investors, staff, and a board member.

As soon as I was able, I loaded up my bag with work to bring home with me and headed out to my car.  I sat there for a moment with my head on the steering wheel.  I didn’t feel like battling the traffic on the drive home.  I wanted to curl up in the backseat and take a nap.  I’m running on fumes here.  I’m like a toy with a half-dead battery.  Once again, I’ve been pulled in too many directions and neglected to take care of myself.  Or….I’m just sick.  Period.  Whatever the cause, I’m down for the count.

I need Spring to get here soon.

4 thoughts on “Down For The Count

  1. Oh Pam, I hope you’ll get better soon! If you feel like staying in bed, then do just that. Your system knows better 🙂

    I’m sending good vibes and hope I’ll hear good news soon!

    • Thanks! I’m feeling much better. I spent most of the afternoon/evening sleeping, and that helped immensely. I could have used another day home from work, but I had an early morning meeting today. Bleh! Anyway, my reward after the meeting was to spend a little time writing what I chose to write…instead of work-related writing. 🙂

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