Waiting For A Plane

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People-watching is one of my favorite pastimes. I don’t often have the luxury of time to just sit back and be an observer. While I could have slept in this morning or lingered over breakfast, I rushed to finish packing my bags and headed to the airport as quickly as possible. I checked my luggage, made my way through security, and planted myself in a prime people-watching location.

To make things even more interesting, the guy next to me is voice texting nonstop.  I’m trying not to laugh out loud as he reaches out to what must be every person in his contact list.  He has used the phrase “It is what it is” at least a dozen times.

Maybe I’m strange, but I love airports.  I enjoy the immense variety of people.  I wonder about their stories.  Where are they going?  Business or pleasure?  Where have they come from?  Who waits for them on the other end?  Are they leaving someone they love or heading for a happy reunion?  Airports are places where millions of strangers cross paths each day.  It intrigues me.

There is a low murmur of voices as people conduct business on their phones or talk to traveling companions.  Snippets of conversation flow past me, one leaving off where the next one begins.  I feel content to sit unnoticed and observe the activities surrounding me.

I am reminded of the movie, The Terminal, and I wonder if it would really be possible to live here unnoticed for a time.

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