Isn’t Life Strange…


I had such a bad, bad day.  It sucked.  After one particularly God-awful, horrible phone call, I decided to stop at 7-11 for a Big Gulp.   On my way into the store for a much-needed Pepsi, I decided to throw away some trash from my car.  I was so stressed out, and flustered, and upset that I accidentally threw away my car keys along with the trash.  From what I understand, the cost to replace one of these keys is several hundred dollars.  That wasn’t the biggest problem, though.  My car was locked.  Unless I found that key, I was stranded.  So there I was, as if I my day wasn’t already bad enough, I had to dig through a damn trash can like a bag lady to retrieve my keys, the keys I had absently mindedly, idiotically thrown away.  Yeah, my day wasn’t so great. Continue Reading »

Kindle Me Happy


I question everything.  I seek understanding.  Until I have answers to my questions, my mind won’t shut up.  If I don’t understand something, especially the behavior of others, I mull it over and over until I am satisfied with their motives, reasons, or what is causing their behavior.  If someone snaps at me without cause, I try not to take it personally.  Instead, I want to help.  What has them upset?  What’s wrong?  What can I do to help?  Most times in my life, this has served me well.  My attempts to empathize and understand the behavior of those around me (and not take it personally) has given me a better understanding of myself and has kept conflict to a minimum. Continue Reading »

How Lame!



T and I went to a wedding reception last night.  It was a small, intimate party.  Oh, and yes….it was for two men, but that is an entirely a different story!  Anyway, it was a beautiful reception at their home.  Twinkling lights were strung all around the tent in their backyard.  There were hanging lanterns, soft colors, wonderful food, and the champagne was flowing!  I knew almost everyone there, and so did T.  We had a great time visiting and laughing with friends.  We were both relaxed, and several times, T mentioned how much this outdoor party reminded him of our own wedding reception.  He said that he would really encourage our own kids to do something much like this when the time came for them to get married.  The informality was so relaxing and warm.  It felt much more like a celebration than the showy receptions we had attended most recently.

As I said, we had a good time.  In MY case, I might have had too good of a time.  I was swaying and leaning heavily on T as we made our way back to the car.  We held hands as we drove home, and I drifted in and out of sleep.  For once, we were coming home at a decent time and to an empty house.

I quickly hopped into the tub while T took a shower.  By then, I wasn’t feeling very good at all.  😦  I laid my head on the side of the tub and tried to remember just how many drink I’d had.  Well, I couldn’t remember.  In fact, I could barely finish my bath and make my way to the bed without getting sick.

When T climbed in bed, he snuggled up to me and said, “Oh man!  You’re naked.”  I must have mumbled incoherently, because the last thing I remember as I drifted off to sleep was him asking if I was OK, was I going to be sick.

When I woke up at 4:00 a.m., I was in a panic.  T was gone.  I didn’t know if Andrew and Emily had even made it home for the evening.  I popped up out of bed.  I was naked!  What???  I looked out the window, and I could see Andrew’s car in the driveway.  Good.  Thank goodness, he was home.  I threw on my robe and set out to find T.  I wondered if he was mad at me.  I wondered if anything had happened between us.  Yeah, and I felt really stupid.

T was dressed in a pair of shorts and sleeping on the couch.  I woke him up.  “Is Em home?  Are you mad at me?”

He laughed.  “Yes, Emily is home.  No….nothing happened.  It didn’t really turn me on when you said you felt like throwing up.”

We headed back upstairs to our room and snuggled under the covers.  (I made a quick stop to the medicine cabinet for some Ibuprofen.)  We turned on King of the Hill and drifted back off to sleep knowing all was right in our world.