July 2011 Playlist


In January of this year, I began making a new playlist each month for my iPod.  I took all of my 2010 playlists and dumped them into one big list quite cleverly named, 2010 Playlist.  I didn’t get rid of the songs, but I needed a fresh start.   Each month in 2011, I have created a new playlist.  I have kept some of the same songs from month to month.  Some of them are left over from last year, but each month I change things.  I remove a few songs.  I add a few more.  What started out as the desire to refresh my list of tunes, has turned into something else entirely.  Now that it is July, I can look back at the months of this year and remember what I was feeling and what I was thinking as I created and listened to each month’s playlist.  My musical selections have reflected many of the emotions I was/have been experiencing in my life at the time.  Of course, some of my selections mean nothing more than the fact that I like the song!

On the old blog, I posted my list each month, but I haven’t kept up that tradition on this new blog.  I’ve been too busy, too tired, or too lazy.  I was talking to my dear blogging sister today.  We were discussing music or particular songs.  She wondered about the playlists.  I felt guilty!!  I felt disloyal to my old blog, which I dearly miss.  I felt disloyal to my iPod(s), which have been giving me fits!  I have four iPods, and none of them are working properly right now.  It seems that I am in flux in about every area of my life.  Not much is working very well right now.

The Little White Pod is  just barely able to hold the July Playlist.  I miss having my other songs on my current iPod.  Those songs are just sitting there waiting for me to pull the trigger on a brand new iPod.  I’m not sure which model to buy.  I’ve looked at them, but none of them are speaking to me yet.

Below is the July Playlist.  My newest favorite artist is Amy Winehouse.  WOW!  Her lyrics crack me up, AND she is an awesomely talented musician.  I know her personal life is a bit of a train wreck.  Maybe that’s why I like her.  She makes MY life look tame!  🙂  The girls and I have been enjoying “Perfect Two” by Auburn.  Even T knows all of the words to that song, and it cracks us all up when he sings it!  I’m still hooked on Christina Perri and Adele.  They’re both so fantastic!

“F***** Perfect” by Pink has wonderful (if you overlook the F word!) lyrics.  A friend sent me the link to the video.  I have only watched it twice, once alone and once with the girls, and I cried each time.   (Well, I’ve watched it three times now!)  I’ve decided to include the video at the end of this post.  BEWARE.  The video is  graphic, but LIFE is sometimes graphic, my friends.  I would love to have  your comments on this video.  It says so much to me as a woman, a mother, a person who has been hurt, a person who doesn’t understand so much cruelty in the world, and a person who often feels much less than perfect….

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