Crusty Old Broad

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***Another old one – October 14, 2011.  I am pleased to say that I DO recycle now.  Although…I have become crustier in many other ways!


Just as I had hoped, I am becoming a crusty old broad.  With each passing year, I am less and less concerned about the opinions of those around me.  That does not mean that I am not nice to people.  It doesn’t mean that I am grouchy, crabby, or impatient.  I’m not unkempt or uncaring.  What it means is that I give less and less significance (or less of a shit!) to the opinions of others.  I am learning to embrace my own opinions.  Don’t like the same things I like?  That’s fine, just don’t begrudge me my opinion on the matter.  I am learning to stand on my own feet and value my own opinions (right or wrong) without having to gather the consensus of those around me.  Finally, at the tender age of ???, I am beginning to feel like a grown-up.  This realization has been revealing itself to me in bits and pieces over the last year or so. Continue Reading »

A May Day Memory

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The year was 2001, and my 12-year-old son had been in a coma for over a week. He had recently been airlifted to a university hospital for another surgery, his third in the past week. This was going to be a delicate surgery. His eye muscle was trapped in an orbital fracture. His nose was broken, too, and needed to be repaired. While these repairs would ordinarily be complicated, the complications were compounded by my son’s skull fracture and significant brain swelling. The surgery posed a risk of further brain damage. Without it, his eye would forever be “sunk” into the socket and cease to function. These were horrible choices for a parent to make.  I wouldn’t wish this kind of life-altering decision on my worst enemy. Continue Reading »