Enough Already

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I’ve worried obsessively about two things each day for the past month, and that one month has seemed to last forever.  I worry that I’m going to fall down and break something, and I worry that I’m going to crash my car. It’s damn cold.  It’s so cold that I have been wrapping my scarf around my face and wearing the hood up on my coat.  I’ve worn tights under my slacks, and layers of shirts and sweaters.  I crave fleece, hot coffee, and my space heater.  I can’t get my bath water hot enough to relieve the cold that has crept into my bones.  At night we all cuddle together under blankets.  We eat foods that warm us and add to our bulk.  We’ve become slow and deliberate as we move around the house wrapped in blankets. Continue Reading »

Let It Snow!


When I saw the snow coming down, I thought of each of my kids.  I knew Lola would be sitting in her classroom with wide eyes looking out at the snowfall.  Em was probably doing the same.  I thought of the boys and wondered if it was snowing in Milwaukee or Chicago.

Thank you, SNOW, for giving me happy thoughts today.  There is something exhilarating and exciting that comes along with the sight of the season’s first snow.  People may have been grouching and exclaiming around the office,  but there was a twinkle in their eye as they complained.  The child in them remembers winters from long ago…