Deviation – Random Good Things

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As I have written lately, I have been mired in crap, sludge, mud, spinning my wheels.  While that struggle continues, tonight I am going to focus on a few good things that are going on.  I’ll save the negative stuff to discuss with my crazy therapist tomorrow.  After all, she needs to earn a living, too.

A Great Find

The Queen of England is now my pal.  She proudly reigns over the chaos of my office.  She stands proudly waving on a windowsill, where pigeons nest and ivy climbs the wall, next to a potted bamboo plant.

I found The Queen at Target while I was shopping during my lunch hour.  She is a thing of wonder.  Her purse is a tiny solar panel that activates her signature queenly wave.  It’s a wonderful thing to look up from my desk and see The Queen of England waving encouragingly at me.

The Countdown Begins

Caribou the puppy is almost ready to join our family.  I was in contact with the breeder today, and we set a date for his adoption.  Next Friday, July 6, the girls and I will make the trip to pick up our sweet, little puppy.  We didn’t think he would be ready quite so soon, and this kind of messes up my plans for the Chicago trip.  He has grown quickly, and it makes sense to get him on Friday.  That way we’ll have the entire weekend to introduce him to our home.

Here’s his picture – Caribou at six weeks.  He looks sweet and precious.  I just can’t wait to snuggle up with this little puppy!

The Hotter, The Better

I LOVE hot weather.  There is a chance that the thermometer might reach 100 degrees tomorrow.  Oh, I hope so!  Tomorrow is a concert night, and I am excited to have a great summer event on a steamy night.  I always feel a little ripped off if a summer goes by without the temperatures climbing into the triple digits.  I try to spend as much time as possible outside when the temperatures rise.

Tonight I made my favorite new drink and enjoyed it on the patio.  I had my first Orange Crush this past spring in Baltimore, and now I am enjoying it in the Midwest.  Is there anything better than a healthy drink AND vodka?  🙂  Fresh-squeezed oranges, vodka, crushed ice, and HOT, HOT weather.

One thought on “Deviation – Random Good Things

  1. Good for you, my dear, for doing your gratitudes! I love the Queen – I have one of those waving Chinese cats in my kitchen (always wanted one, so Kelsea got it for me for Xmas) and the wave is always cheering.

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